Useful advice

Use a canvas bag instead of a plastic bag. Canvas bags cost 2-4 euros. If you use your canvas bag 500 times, then each use costs just 0,4 – 0,08 cents. Regular plastic bags cost 15-20 cents a bag most people use them only once. After having bought 500 plastic bags, you have already spent 75-100 euros. Thus is a more than tenfold price difference. Buying plastic bags is very expensive.

• Do not throw plastic bags into household waste. Collect your plastic bags and take them to a proper container or waste station. Collected plastic bags are then pelleted and reused as raw material in the production of new plastic bags.

• Use other alternatives – baskets, cardboard boxes, sports bags, back packs, and other handy things. Weigh different fruit and vegetables separately, but put them in the same bag.

• Reuse plastic bags. Some old ladies are clever. They buy two plastic bags at once and put them inside one another. Supposedly, two bags stretch less and thus, can be used for longer.

• Keep your shopping bag in a handbag or pocket. The trouble with shopping bags is that often, they seem to be left at home. The only way to avoid forgetting is to develop a habit. Every time you have taken your things out of a bag, put the bag right back into your pocket or handbag.

• Keep your shopping bag near the front door of your home or office. You can also keep it in your car so that you always remember to take your bag with you when you go shopping.

• Use old plastic bags as trash bags.

• Offer small bread bags to pet owners. This way, your friends can walk their dogs without buying new plastic bags to collect their droppings.

• Wash dirty plastic bags. You do not have to throw plastic bags away if they have become dirty.

• Say NO to plastic bags offered at cash registers if you have only bought a few small-sized items that fit into the bag you are already carrying.

• Spread the message of KILLER PLASTIC BAGS. Ask your local store to stop giving away free plastic bags. The alternative would be to offer discounts or gifts to clients who do not accept plastic bags. The store itself could provide alternatives for plastic bags. Encourage your friends and family to stop using plastic bags. Small plastic bags can easily be reused to buy candy, bread, and fruit.

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